Tired of paper, clipboards, and expensive custom software?

We are too.

Greyswift is a secure, flexible, and scalable solution to record, export, and analyze data such as operator rounds, plant surveillance, field inspections, and much more.


  • Tasks
  • API Integration
  • User Roles
  • GPS Mapping
  • Barcodes
  • Charting
  • Forms
  • Attachments
  • Notes
  • Assets
  • Measurements
  • Properties


Assets are anything you want to record information on. They can be equipment like motors or pumps, or even things like fields or cows. Greyswift allows you to organize assets in any way that suits your business.


Measurements are values of an asset that change over time. They can be values like pressure or temperature. Measurements can be applied to a certain asset type. For example, a tank may have a level and a motor may have oil pressure.


Properties are typically attributes of an asset that are static, such as an equipment model number, serial number, color or type. Properties are defined for each type of asset. You can have as many properties as you need.


The forms feature is a way to create any type of form to associate with an asset. For a vehicle asset this could be a maintenance or safety checklist. Forms support many input field types.


Add pictures and other files to an asset. This is useful for things such as maintenance invoices, pictures, and other historical documents.


Store comments and other generic textual data about an asset. Notes can be used to explain issues that personnel find with assets.

Locations & Mapping

Record the GPS location for every asset using Greyswift's mobile app. Search for assets by their location when in the field, and view a map of your operation using Greyswift’s mapping interface.


Identify your assets with a unique barcode. Many barcode types are supported. This is a great way to find an asset quickly.


View historical data in chart form on the mobile app and the website.


Schedule tasks such as equipment maintenance, field fertilization, or safety inspections. Users and assets can be assigned to events.

API Integration

Move data automatically to your company’s in-house systems with Greyswift's API. You can also use the built-in import and export features to move data using a spreadsheet.

User Roles

Each user is assigned a role that describes their level of privilege in the system. Users can also be assigned teams to limit which assets are available to them.

Go ahead and try it.